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BitDefender QuickScan

BitDefender QuickScan

Whenever you need a quick check or a second opinion, such as before logging into your favorite game, when using your bank account or buying something online, use QuickScan, directly from your browser.

BitDefender QuickScan takes full advantage of the “in-the-cloud” scanning service and is capable to detect active malware in less than a minute, taking just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan.

Please note that Quickscan does not provide a virus cleaning service. If QuickScan detects a threat, it is advisable to use an antivirus service (such as the one provided at www.malwarecity.com/scan8/ie.html)

Note: QuickScan runs only on Windows OS (any version starting with Win 2000)

Privacy and safety information:
QuickScan does not modify or delete any file on your system and only uploads executable files for checking (i.e. NO documents or other data files are sent).

bitdefender quickscan BitDefender QuickScan